A part of the technologies employed in the project is developed externally and available as open source software. Technologies developed at the Open University, in particular relating to the semantic management of information, will also be employed. These are to a large extent already available as open source. The final software will therefore be made available as open source software, which can be reused and further developed in other organisations. New software will be mostly distributed under the LGPL and EPL.

Deciding on which license to apply on the data itself is a slightly more complicated issue. One element that needs to be taken into account is the source of the original data. The ORO repository, library catalogue, archives materials, OpenLearn and iTunesU content is available for educational and non-commercial use, mostly under the creative commons licence. Only the publishable parts of the staff directory will be considered for linked data exposure. For new content and links, we are currently investigating the applicability of a variety of licenses such as CC0 and PDDL.

All content produced, including reports, blogs and documentation will be made available under the creative commons license with attribution.