The project is divided into 7 different workpackages. The first one includes the necessary management tasks, including the project’s basic infrastructure, reporting and documentation (WP1: Project Management including Programme-level engagement)

Lucero WP1 timelineTimeline for WP1.

The second workpackage is concerned with the first task considered by LUCERO: to create the technical infrastructure necessary to expose University content as linked data and to semi-automatically create meaningful connections in this data, and with external resources. (WP2: Exposing University content as linked data)

Lucero WP2 timelineTimeline for WP2.

Beyond the purely technological aspect of exposing University content as linked data, we will consider new procedures so that the practices of linked data are integrated within the current activities in a sustainable way. This is the goal of the third workpackage of the project. (WP3: Integrating linked data in University practices)

Lucero WP3 timelineTimeline for WP3.

Exposing data as linked data is only the first step of the process, as it allows building a new kind of applications taking benefit from the meaningful connections established or derived from the data. The benefit brought by such applications constitutes the main incentive for the broad education and research community to integrate the principles of linked data. Therefore, the third workpackage of LUCERO concerns building demonstrators showing the interests of using linked data to both academics and students. (WP4:Demonstrating the value of linked data to researchers and students)

Lucero WP4 timelineTimeline of WP4.

LUCERO’s benefit to end-users will be directly demonstrated through prototype applications (see Objective 3). However, the institution-wide benefits of linked data practices for data exposure and connection will only be fully understood in the long term, after the project is ended. Therefore, particular efforts should be spent as part of the project to ensure the sustainability and continuity of the activities started during the project, as well as to identify potential issues related to this sustainability. This also includes activities around the evaluation of the project and the dissemination of the project results, which are the topics of the workpackages 5, 6, and 7. (WP5:Sustainability in the exposure of linked data. WP6: Project Evaluation. WP7: Dissemination)

Lucero WP5, 6, 7 timelineTimelines of WP5, WP6 and WP7.

Overall, the Lucero project will be managed according to the Open University Prince2 project methodology.  There will be weekly project team meetings with action points, regular Project Steering Group meetings, regular project reporting, and risk/issue logs to ensure the project achieves the aims and objectives set out for the project.